Brendon Walsh
New Digs

New Digs


It would seem that I stumbled into owning a house recently. It wasn't exactly an off-the-cuff decision to get my own place, but it certainly felt that way when I put in the offer and got it accepted all within a single weekend. So now that I've had a couple months to break in the place and get some things set up the way I want, it's time to show off.


Not much to show down there, but I do have Rorschach greet you on the way down.

Watchmen Poster to Basement


The kitchen has a few of my artworks on display. Some of them that I don't really care for at all...

Oil Paintings

...And one that I'm very happy has found a place on a wall finally.

Agent Smith and 1930's Wall Phone

The antique 1930's telephone is something I had in mind for a long time. The phone is in working order, though I don't think I'll ever attempt to make it work on a land-line. Perhaps some hacking in the future to get it to serve some purpose.


I hate calling this an office because it implies work is being done. In actuality, this room is here to isolate all of the computers and electronics from the rest of the house so I don't have to sleep with noisy fans anymore.

The cabinets serve as the display area for the room. All of my collectibles fit on this wall with plenty of room for more Comics, Blu-Rays and box sets in the future.

Display Cabinets

The desk is nothing new as I've had it for over 3 years now. A couple Drobos and Macs along with a TIX clock makes this a pretty high-functioning nerdvana area.


The Half-Life posters were a must as I have finally made my way through HL2 and the first two episodes. It has become one of my favourite stories ever told once I powered through the fear of all the headcrabs.

Living Room

What home is complete without a nice home theatre? Equipped with bias lighting and my beloved Boxee Box, I still love sitting down to watch something in this room.

Home Theatre

There is also a neat wall shelf that has some very cool LED blow-on/off candles which I have some interesting plans for in a future project.

LED Candles on Wall Shelf

Things I Learned

I discovered a couple things about myself I wasn't previously aware of through all of this. Firstly, I really like the colours brown and black. Somehow, after all these years of art classes and digital media studies, I never clued into this before, but I really couldn't imagine any other colours throughout the house.

I also discovered that it's hard to shop for things I like as my tastes seem to be fairly expensive and away from the norm. It took me weeks to find the rug that I currently have in my living room because no one appreciates solid colours apparently. They all want traditional patterns.


I have a couple cool projects I'm working on and will post here in the coming weeks. I think you're going to like what I have in store.