Brendon Walsh
Guts and Glory, Lads!

Guts and Glory, Lads!


Over a month ago, several friends and I got together for our semi-annual LAN party. The main event was Team Fortress 2, and my bright idea was to record everyone's perspective while playing and make an awesome video of the matches afterward to share online.

Well, surprise! I'm still not done yet. I actually haven't even begun editing. It has taken this long just to scrape all of the raw data together from the TF2 demo files.


Initially I planned on exporting the data frame by frame and muxing it all together at the end because it seemed like a leet thing to do. Then I realized that the audio wasn't always in sync and there are still some issues with that console command on a Mac. Instead, I opted for a direct screen recording using ScreenFlow which was much simpler in hindsight, but does require me to babysit the computer a bit so I don't record useless data when the match is over.

Anyways, all that being said, it has been a long process getting to this point. And now that I only have 200GB of raw 2560x1440 video to edit, I've set an arbitrary deadline which I'll likely miss completely.


Oh yeah, and there is really cool website for the video to eventually posted on as well. Complete with stats that update every day and everyone's badges as well as most played class and current Steam status.

Lan Party Screenshot

I even have a cliché javascript countdown for when the video will automatically launch and begin to play. People expecting to hack the javascript and speed the clock are out of luck as the server won't dish the video until the appropriate time either. (Also, did I mention it's not done yet?)

So forget about setting the date on your computer ahead a year, and mark your calendars for 8:00pm on October 1st, 2010.

That's right. In 12 days, prepare to be disappointed by a broken javascript timer and an empty HTML5 video element. I suppose Valve time applies to this project as well. At the very least, I hope to have it done by New Years Eve where I plan to have another LAN party and record another match. Hopefully using SourceTV this time to make editing a lot easier.