Brendon Walsh

From the Makers of Futurama


Good news everyone!

Rather than my customary essay blog posts, I decided to post a simple message as Futurama is back one week from now. First person to post the decoded message in the comments will get a round of applause.

Alien Language

                                              ?MMMMMMMMI                                                OMMMM   
                                           ~MMMMMMMMMMMMMMZ                                              MMM   
                      MMO                DMMMD         =MMMMM                 :MMM7                     $MMM$   
                    =MM                 MMMM~             MMMM                MMMMM                     MM+MM  
                   +MO                 MMMM                =MMM               OMMMM                    NMM MM?  
                 +MM     :            MMMM                   MMM               OMM                    =MM  :MM7
                MMO    8MMMM         +MMM             8M     MMM               OMM                   ZMM    IMM    
              ?MM      MMMMM         MMMM     MM$    NMMM    DMMI              OMM                 ~MMM      :MMM,
             MMMM,     ,MMM+         MMMM    MMMMM  ~MMMMM   $MMI              OMM               DMMM7         IMMMM$
                ~MMM7                ?MM,   8MM,MMMMMM  NM=  NMM=              8MM                 8MMM       =MMD    
                   ~MMM7                   ZMM:  ,MMM        MMM             ~MMMMMM                 NMM     NMM      
                      8MMMI               7MM~     +         MMM           ZMMM:  DMMM                +MM   NMM
                          8MMN           MMMO               OMM       DMMMMM+        DMM8NMM           DMM 8MM  
                            =MMMM       NMM8               8MM+      8MMMM             MMMMMM           MM~MM  
                          ,OMMMMM       MMMO              MMM=       ZMMMM              MMMMM           $MMMM   
                    $MMMMMM?             7MMM$         8MMMM                                             MMM~   
               ?MMMMMM?                    $MMMMMMMMMMMMMM,                                              MMM
            MMMMM$                            8MMMMMMMZ,                                                $MMMM   
            $                                                                                           ZMMMM   
                                          MN                             MMMMMMMMZ?,  
                                          NMM                            MMMMMM+    
                                           ,MM~                              $MMMMM7
                                             NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                    :MMM
                                              IMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                 ZMMMMN~
                                              +MM           MM             ?MMMMN:  
                                              +MM    ++     MM           MMM~        
                                              +MM   MMMM    MM           8MMMM~       
                                              +MM   MMMM,   MM              ~MMMM$    
                                              +MM    MM~    MM                 ,NMMMM,
                                              +MM           MM                   IMMMM
                                              +MM???????????MM               $MMMMN~  
                                              +MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN          MMMMM7  
                                                              MMM        MMMMMMMMMMMZ=
                                                               ZMM~           ~$NMMMMM    
    D       ,8                   ZMMZ                        IOD8O7:                                                          
   NMMM,   7MMM,                ,MM,                     IMMMMMMMMMMMM8                  8MMMMMMMMMM$                         ~
    +MMMM~MMM$                  OMO                   ,MMMMM?      ,8MMMM8            MMMMM+      ~NMMM:         $8MMMMMMMMMMMN
       MMMMN                    8MI                  7MMMM            ZMMMM         =MMM~            =MMM        MMMMM8?,  
      MMMMMM                    8MI                  MMM=               MMMM       ZMM+                MMM        +MMMMMM=     
    ~MMM  NMM                   8MI                 MMM~                 ZMMM     $MMD                  MMM            NMMMMM?
    MM=    ,MM                  8MI                MMM=             N     8MM8   :MM8                    MMN              IMMMM
   ?M8      MM8     M:          8MI          M:    MMM      M      MMM     MMM   NMM                     ?MM          ~MMMMM+  
   8M  MMMM OMM     +M+         8MI         M=    MMMM     MMMZ   MMMMM    MMM   MMM  MMM~          MMMD  MM,     +MMMMM=     
   NM  MMMM,?MM       MM7       8MI      ,MM~     ?MM8   :MMMMMMDMMM ZMM   MMM   MMM ~MMM7          MMMM  MM=    MMM8         
   ?M+ ,MM: MMM        =MMM     8MI    :MMN             ,MMM  NMMMM   :   :MMM   DMM  ZN=            DM   MM      ~MMMM8      
    MM      MM,          +MMMMDZMMMOMMMM8               MMM     MO        DMM7   ,MM?                    8MM          IMMMM=   
    7MM,   MM:               =NMMMMNI                 IMMM               =MMM     ZMM~                  IMM?              :NMMM
     ?MMM8MM:                   8MI                  +MMM               :MMM       MMM                 IMMD             IMMMMM8
      7MMMM:                    8MI                  MMM               +MMM:        MMM=              $MMN          $MMMMN~    
    DMMMNNMM8                   8MI                  ,MMM$            MMMM           ZMMMZ         ~MMMM$        ,MMMM+        
   :MMO    8MM7                NMMMI                   :MMMMMZ7+?$MMMMMN               NMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8           ~$MMMMMMMMMMM
                               MMMMN                      $MMMMMMMMMMO                   ,OMMMMMMMMO                     :$MMMM
                                  MMMM                                                                            MMMM7        7MMMM   
                                  DMM                                                      $M+                  MMMMMMMM      8MMD8MMD,
 MM           MM+           ~MMM+     :MMM7                   OMM                          NM?                 MM:     M8   7MM     +MM
 MM           MM+         ?MMM7         ,NMMM$                OMM                          NM?                 ,MMD   =M,    MM    OMM
 MM   ?MMM+   MM+           8MMM       =MMM~                  8MM              MM          NM?         ?M        =MMMMMN     ~MMMMMM:  
 MM   MMMMM   MM+             NMM?    NMM+                  ~MMMMMM             MM=        NM?        =M            DMMMMMMMMMMMMZ
 MM,  =MMM~   MM+              +MM+  NMM                  $MMM:  DMMM:           MMM       NM?       MM              MM~$DMM87:MN  
 MM           MM+                MM: MM              DMMMMM+        DMM8NMM        MMM?    NMI   ,NMM:              IMM        MMI
 MM           MM+                IMMDM              OMMMM             MMMMMM         $MMMMMMMMMMMMM                 MM~        $MM
 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                 MMMM              OMMMM              MMMMM            IMMMMMN?                   =MM          MMZ
                MMM               ZMM=                                                     NMI                     MM~          ,MM:
                 ZMM              =MM                                                      NMI                    +MM            MMM   
                   MM~            MMMM                                                     NMI                    MM7             MM?
                    Z             MMMM                                                     =M                                         
                                            DMM                7MMMMMD +MMMMMO     MMMMMD  MMMMMO
                                           +MMMD                   :MMMMM=            :MMMMMN   
                                            MMM                     MMMMM              MMMMM=
                                             MI                   IMMM=MMM,           MMM:MMMN  
                                             M?                  MMM    $MM+         MM     MM+  
                                             M?                 ,MM:     NMM        MM:     ,MM  
                                             M?                 OMM  MMO  MM:       MM  MMM  MM:
                                 ,           M?           M     MMZ NMMM~ MM$       MM NMMMM IM$
                                 MM          M?         +M,     $MM  MMM  MM:       MM  MMM: 8M,
                                 :MM~        M?        MM        MM      IMM        8M       MM
                                   MM?       M?      OMM         OMM    ,MM+         MM     NM=  
                                     MMMM+   M?  :OMMZ            =MMD MMM            MMD $MMD
                                       ZMMMMMMMMMMM$                MMMMD              MMMMM,    
                                           ~?MD,                  7MMMMMMI            MMMMMMM  
                                             MI                 NMMMN  :MMMM7      ~MMMN   NMMM7
                                             MI                   N      ,M          8       Z