Brendon Walsh

Iron Man 2


It was heralded as one of the best comic book movie adaptations of all time and this weekend we get see to the sequel. As we all know, movies don't often fair well once they move into sequel territory. (Except for The Matrix, right guys?)

If Iron Man 2 can resist the need to make everything bigger, louder and more action-packed than the first film, I think we'll see a lot of happy movie-goers exit the theatre. Granted, sometimes these tactics help give the sequel a life of it's own as we found in The Dark Knight. But it is so easy to cross that line between jaw-dropping action sequences and a blurred mess of CGI all over the screen à la Transformers.

With so much that was done right in the first film, there's really not much reason to expect this one to be a failure in any category. However, I'd just like to voice a couple of my concerns.

The Soundtrack

We all remember the dated 90's rock soundtrack of Iron Man. And while you really couldn't have done an Iron Man movie properly without somewhere fitting in Black Sabbath's "Iron Man", I'm not sure the sequel should be given the the same leniency. And yet, I fear we may be in for a very similar ride this time through with AC/DC.

It could work out great if it's well fitted with the scene, but I'm not sure I'm ready to hear "Shoot to Thrill" every time there's a gun fight. Then again, there are awesome clips like this that give me hope that it will work out just fine.


This scene was probably the most talked about scene of the entire film, and it happened after the credits! Marvel films have become known for a great teaser at the end of their movies regarding S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers). After so much hype I'm not sure they can get away with just another Avengers teaser at the end of this upcoming film. We're going to need to see Nick Fury somewhere on screen and hopefully making a not-so-obvious hint to The Hulk or another Avenger. It doesn't have to be an involved scene, just something that happens in passing that the geeks can pick apart later and explain to their girlfriends (ha!) afterwards.

Exciting Times

These are exciting times folks. We've finally reached an era where all of our frowned-upon interests are being realized by the public for the awesome stories they are. Even more exciting is that all publications/directors and the rest of Hollywood seem to have come to this conclusion at the same time. So we're not in this awkward situation where Marvel films are much better than DC films or even the smaller publications like Icon.

It's a golden age for geeks, my friends. Who wants to go celebrate with a trip to the theatre this weekend?