Brendon Walsh
Getting Back To Our Roots

Getting Back To Our Roots


March 3, 2006. The birth of something so incredible, the world could not hold it's magnificence and through it's death, we are left with the remains that are the Red Card Group blogs.

Thank the internet gods that someone was actually keeping track of what transpired back in the days of the RCG podcast, because I simply could not recall why things had died. I had also forgotten a little of how much fun it was.

As horrid as the old podcast may have been for others, I enjoyed every second of it. Were it not for that podcast, we would not likely have this niche blogging community (even now as it appears to be knocking on death's door). People like Binks and Jordan would just have been some casual acquaintances in high school that I never met again were it not for RCG.

For these reasons, I'd like to propose a revisit to the subject of an RCG podcast.

Style and Format

Of course, the podcasting space has really evolved in the last several years and matured. Audio podcasts are no longer the only thing out there. And the variety of content and styles has really exploded.

RCG was really just a sad excuse for a technology news cast where we gathered around a solitary desktop microphone and chatted for an hour. And in hindsight, I really think many of the podcast failures were my own fault trying too hard to emulate TWiT.

To avoid the same issues this time around, I thought I'd offer a few suggestions of what I think will work for us (assuming we have a similar group of people this time around). These are a few shows that I think have a style of which we could get a good start with and develop from there.

You Look Nice Today

You Look Nice Today

A free for all essentially. We seemed to get into a lot of these discussions in the old days anyways. It seems like a natural fit just to fire up Skype and start talking.

The Totally Rad Show

I love TRS. I saw them at ComicCon last year, I never miss an episode. These guys are as much in love with geek culture as any of us and after reading Jordan's tweet, this feels like something we could all do rather well.

The Totally Rad Show

The best part about this type of show format is we all share these base interests, and yet some of us are much more versed than others in particular subjects. For example, Binks and Jordan read far more comics than I do. I watch more independent film than can possibly be good for oneself and Brian has racked up more hours on Steam games than anyone I know. TV is really a toss up, but you get the idea.

MacBreak Tech

This is something more for me than anything. I'm obsessed with workflows and automation of tasks and constantly intrigued by how people make use of their devices. I've always wanted to do a show on the coolest new applications and how people really make use of their computers to accomplish everyday tasks.

Radio/TV Drama (I Love Bees)

This was actually Jordan's idea long before, but no one seemed too interested, or never got past the password-protected post which contains the idea. This may not work at all for us, but I know that there is some limited interest. The biggest hang-up will be production time and while I am more than content doing all post-production work, I fear we may never get a first episode released.


Naturally, one of the issues creating any one of these types of shows would be availability. More often than not, my time is extremely flexible as I do not have school any longer and work is strangely relaxing as far as work load. Few of you share my good fortune though so whether or not it is even practical to do a show that requires all of us to get together needs to be looked into.

The other option is just to dial into a Skype conference and I can flip a switch to record. That would limit us to an audio show for the most part though.

LAN Party

If all else fails, we should at least plan some kick-as LAN parties this summer when most of us are free. Whether it's PC gaming, or console gaming. Online or in-house. It's always a lot of fun and maybe we can even consider recording those events and distributing a LAN Party podcast.

I'm just throwing around ideas here, but I want to do something as a group again. RCG feels so dead lately and I think a podcast or even just some frequent get-togethers could really liven things up. Anyone up for some fun?

Also, does anyone happen to have all the old episodes lying around somewhere? I've managed to lose my copies twice now.