Brendon Walsh
Caprica iPhone Ringtone

Caprica iPhone Ringtone


The ringtone. I know it's a little thing, but it really made me sit back in awe of just how much thought was put into the technical aspects of the world of Caprica.

It's such a minute detail, but I love it so much. A non-invasive little electronic knocking sensation on your mobile.

For your convenience and enjoyment, I've taken a sample and created it into a rather crude iPhone ringtone. Hopefully there will be better sound samples to pick from in later episodes.

iPhone Ringtone (M4R)

Caprica Poster

As an aside, does anyone else find the Caprica poster image of Zoe a little perverted? Or is that just me? I know Alessandra Torresani is 22, but she's playing a character that's about 16/17 at best.