Brendon Walsh
Let's Moon 'em

Let's Moon 'em


Everyone's talking about Google Wave and no one seems to know how to make use of it, including myself. Even so, I think the only way we're going to figure out where Wave shines is by continuing to use it.

I know many of you will have Wave accounts at this point and have most likely grown a little bored of the service and have gone back to tweeting and IMing. So I thought it was about time to start experimenting with Wave integration on this site.

I also happen to have stumbled upon 8 14 "invites" for Wave if you are unfortunate enough to not have an account yet. Leave a note in the comments if you would like to receive a nomination for a preview account so you can have look at the Wave in this post as well.

Google Wave

Notice: This wave embed has been removed to avoid strenuous load times.

The Next Step

So the Google Wave embed code is cool, but I have a few more tricks I want to try as I become more familiar with the wave protocol and the project matures. These will most likely become plugins I develop myself over the next several weeks/months as I already have my developer accounts set up and have been toying for a few days now.

The main concept I have come up with is a sync between Google Wave and Wordpress or other blogging systems. Essentially, a wave could be setup on a Wave server and as updates are made to the Wave, the changes would propagate to the blog allowing for collaborative posts. The content of the Wave would be published via an XML export or similar to ensure that those who are not fortunate enough to have Wave accounts could at least read the document.

Further down the road it may be feasible to replace the comment system with a Wave. Although until the protocol matures a little more I don't think this will work all that well considering the ability to edit one another's comments and so forth. But controlled authorship within a blog post could become valuable within a Wave system.

And for those of you who are wondering why this post isn't about Firefly, have a look over here.