Brendon Walsh
Only As Connected As Everyone Else

Only As Connected As Everyone Else


So I was thinking today (as I often do) and I got to thinking about how I wish there was a way to be more "connected" to the rest of the online world. What I mean is, I wish there was a way to interact more than I do already online and be more "social" online.

The conclusion that I came to (much to my disappointment in it's obviousness) was that I can only be as connected as everyone I associate with online. I'm not sure why this shocked me so much, but it did. The web and your activities on the web have become so social centric that your experience is entirely dependent on your friends and the communities that you participate within. So while I'm extremely glad that I've successfully roped my parents into activities such as Skype and communities like YouTube and Flickr, I'm disappointed that more people won't take that dive. And I suppose it could be seen as a selfish request on my part, but it would benefit everyone's online experience if more people participated beyond the locked-down boundaries of Facebook.

I hope to enrich everyone's online experience by expanding everyone's activities and community base. As a final note, if you're still not using RSS, what do I have to do to sell you on it? I'm sure Bravado and Binks can attest to it's greatness.