Brendon Walsh
jPod Cancelled

jPod Cancelled


After a mere 10 episodes CBC has cancelled jPod. Sad really. I was just starting to really get into this series. The layers of geek culture were starting to be well represented and defined by the show much like the book was so fantastic at.

I'll admit that the series was very shaky when starting out. But it was really coming into it's own in it's most recent episodes and I found myself looking forward to each new episode. is currently protesting this decision of CBC. I hope that they can make CBC change their minds, but I'm not holding my breath.

The IT Crowd

In the meantime, to fill the void of jPod, I've picked up The IT Crowd. This series is not so full of geek cultural references but is pretty damn funny and I think it's worth a look. You can't really go wrong with British humour.

Apparently the series will be adapted for US audiences and airing on NBC this year as well.

I'm addicted to the theme song. It's currently my new ringtone.

Why can't there be more geek culture programming? It's a huge market. Even online this is not entirely being exploited. Sure, we have thousands of tech podcasts. But none of them are drama programming and fun. They're all "how-to" shows. I want an online geek show that can be compared to jPod or The IT Crowd. I think that would be a big hit.

Fellow RCG members... let's get on that.