Brendon Walsh
Dvorak Finally on the iPhone

Dvorak Finally on the iPhone


Well, I know there are a lot of iPhone users out there that have been desperately trying to find a way to get a Dvorak keyboard layout working on the iPhone. Well, after a few hours of hard work, I'm happy to announce my beta contribution to the community.

All you need do is follow Slava Karpenko's instructions to install his own Russian keyboard layout and then swap his files ( with my own (sorry, no more distributions).

That's it. Reboot your iPhone and enjoy your Dvorak layout. Please leave your comments/suggestions and issues below.

I'd like to extend my personal gratitude to Slava Karpenko and all his great work. By his own request, I am including his copyright on this, my own derivative of his work.



Richard Kasperowski wrote a fantastic tutorial for completing this hack. My thanks to him for his contribution.


I am longer supporting this hack. There have been many advances since this crazy kludge, and I can't even be sure that this ancient stuff even still works. Thanks all for your interest.