Brendon Walsh
I Am Legend: Awakening

I Am Legend: Awakening


Every once in a while I like to peruse through the Apple Trailers page and see what movies are coming out that I'd like to see. Now, I normally discount the films that are of the horror genre immediately upon the sight of the poster art, but somehow I was lured into this one in particular. And I'm glad I was.

Within seconds of watching the trailer to "I Am Legend:Awakening - Isolation", I was immediately reminded of the artistic, comic-esque storytelling techniques used by the crew of Broken Saints. Some of you may recall my acclaim of Broken Saints a while back in the early iterations of my blog.

Needless to say the art intrigued me enough to research the authors, and sure enough they were the same animators that worked on the epic that is Broken Saints. Years ago it was affirmed by the creators of Broken Saints that they would be expanding into new projects, but I never thought these projects would include feature-length films. Their blog post on their site also talks of a sequel already in the works!

I can't wait to see this movie. The story itself doesn't seem all that original. It is essentially an animated tale of the still upcoming "I Am Legend" film with Will Smith which seems to mimic so many other zombie movies in what I am quick to group into a "Resident Evil" category.

Still, I am very happy for their success beyond Broken Saints and if you have not yet seen Broken Saints, perhaps this trailer will lead you to check it out. Because although the artistic style is not nearly as developed as it is shown here, at least Broken Saints is an original story.