Brendon Walsh
A Dying Community

A Dying Community


I have become much more aware of my lack of posts as of late as I realize that more and more of the rest of the blogs that I visit regularly are no longer posting either. Commenting is down significantly just as the post levels are. Are we all slowly fading into obscurity? What can we do about this? More importantly, what can I do to change my habits?

I won't even bother pointing the finger at other people as I know that I am by far one of the worst for a lack of content. It used to be that I didn't post because I had nothing to say or share with anyone that I could deem significant. However, now I have much more significant news to share with people. Hell, I'm in another province! But I'm finding that maintaining motivation and finding time to post is hard to do.

I bring this whole matter up in light of the blog post of Liam, whom I rarely ever visit. He's noted the early signs of what may very well spell death of our blogging community. And after reading his post I found myself a little depressed as he was. After all, I was one of the initiators of the RCG community to begin with (even if all I really wanted to do was a podcast.)

Deeming Significance

The problem I've always had was the notion that I'd post things as I came across them. However, as you all know, this doesn't work for me as I simply discount the significance of any of my findings. So I'm here to announce a new strategy. I will attempt to make at least one post every weekend. This will not be a week-end review, rather an average post as the weekends seem to be the only time I'm not immensely tired from school or busy with assignments.

The problem is merely a lack of initiative as well as a deeming of significance. While many young, inexperienced bloggers initially begin their blogs with a slew of largely irrelevant content and sift down to a niche and more unique style as they progress, I tried to take a different route, determine what I would deem as a significant post and determine a style before I ever really had any content to base such a decision on.

This may even be why I always have such a hard time coming up with new blog designs because I never have any content to design around.

I understand probably more than anyone at this time, that I, as a blogger, am pretty young and underdeveloped. I have not yet found my niche of information to dispense to all. Sure, there is always Apple, but I really don't want to be a fanboy blogger.

Planning For Content

Design Education: I think I could be posting about design ideas and my projects that I am working on in school. I have this wealth of knowledge in Web development that I rarely share with others unless requested. Here, would be a perfect place to share my experiences with development on the web and help others out with their problems as well.

Startup Ideas: I've also been toying with several concepts for startup companies as of late. It's always been something that I've wanted to do, and sharing my ideas with you all may help spark some real development.

Wii Adeventures: I have a Nintendo Wii that I avidly waited for in line with Brian on a cold, early morning last year in October. Unfortunately, despite my enjoyment with the console and my decent game selection, I never play it. Perhaps posting regularly about new games will help me enjoy the console more as well as drive new content here.

A Change Of Habits

It is well noted by Liam that not only have people (specifically myself) fallen off the grid in terms of actual content generation, but we also fail to comment on entries of others. I rarely ever miss a post by anyone in the rings of RCG. Yet, equally rare are comments that I make on said entries.

I can attest to the glorious satisfaction that comments on my own posts bring me, it's high time that I start to comment on other's posts as well. I think that many of us only really want a clarification that someone has read and appreciated our posts.

Thanks Liam

Anyways, I'd like to personally thank Liam for bringing all of this to my attention. Regardless of whether or not it was his intent to do so, he's managed to make me think a little bit more on my my own habits and allowed an opening for change.

Here's to you Liam, and to a new dawn of Niamu.