Brendon Walsh
Music Is Where I'd Like You To Touch

Music Is Where I'd Like You To Touch


Nick Haley must be bouncing off the walls at this point. A mildly intriguing YouTube short can apparently lead to great business opportunities.

A 30 second dupe of an Apple iPod Touch ad manufactured from his MacBook back in September and uploaded to YouTube somehow managed to capture the attention of Apple. You can read a much more detailed story on the events that took place here.

Apparently, the marketing division of Apple was so impressed by this mix that they contacted Haley and made him an offer to work with him to remake his original YouTube short into a full-fledged commercial which will air sometime this week.

For those of you interested in seeing the final product, the video is below.

What surprises me even more is the fact that Apple is using the same song from the original. Not that it isn't a wonderfully addictive song and perfectly suits the commercial, but the fact that the subject matter of the song in it's entirety is rather questionable. Check out the lyrics here.