Brendon Walsh
Apple Whiners

Apple Whiners


I've been using apple products for over a year now and everything has been working out fairly well for the most part. However, as I'm now an early adopter of the iPhone, I've come to loathe the cult of Apple that I was recently so proud to be a part of.

Those of you keeping up on Apple news have noted the widespread issues between the iPhone hacking community and Apple's latest firmware update. This new update brings many long awaited features to the iPhone. Such as the iTunes Wireless Music Store and a developer kit for the Safari web browser. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it relocks all unlocked or otherwise tampered with iPhones?

The iPhone community has made a huge uproar with regards to this controversial update. Many users are going so far as to propose lawsuits against Apple stating that they are in violation of this law and that or infringing on their ownership of the device.

Now, I may need some legal consultation from Binks on this one, but I believe that Apple is well within their legal rights to offer this optional update to iPhone users. After all, Apple clearly stated that this update could render any hacked iPhones useless.

So who's really in the wrong here? Apple for providing a worthwhile update to it's legitimate AT&T subscribers to which they have a 2 year legal obligation of exclusivity? Or the hackers who willingly modified their iPhone and chose to disregard the numerous warnings that Apple gave before updating their phones?

Frankly, I'm sick of hearing all of these Apple whiners right now. You wouldn't modify the brakes on your car and then complain to Honda when you get into an accident. How is this any different?

I'm happy with my unlocked iPhone. And as much as I wish that Apple's update was easier for me to obtain, I understand their legal obligations to AT&T and why this update was executed the way it was. So to the rest of you moronic Apple users out there, smarten up and realize that this isn't Apple's fault. It's your own for not understanding what you were getting yourselves into and disregarding the countless warnings on this update.